Smoking cannabis is the oldest and still the most popular method of consuming it. The Scythians, a group of people in Central Asia around 600 BC – 400 AD, were among the first recorded to use cannabis. They would inhale the smoke created by throwing cannabis on hot rocks inside a tent. Today, cannabis flower is the most sold cannabis product, and smoking it in joints, pipes, or bongs is a common way to consume it.

When you inhale cannabis smoke, it travels from your mouth to your lungs, which are lined with millions of air sacs called alveoli. Compounds like THC in cannabis smoke enter the bloodstream via the alveoli, traveling first to the brain and then the rest of the body. The effects of smoking are felt within minutes.

Smoking methods for cannabis haven’t changed much since ancient times. They include rolling (joints, blunts, and spliffs), pipes (including bubblers and one-hitters like chillums and dugouts), and bongs. Each method has its pros and cons and provides a different experience.

Joints, blunts, and spliffs are classic ways to smoke weed. Portable and versatile, they can be consumed almost anywhere with the flick of a match. Pipes are probably the most common smoking device, as they are small, portable, convenient, and easy to use. Bongs incorporate water to cool the smoke and make hits smoother and cleaner, but it’s unclear whether they act as an effective filter for harmful substances.

Smoking cannabis flower allows you to taste the flavor of a strain and experience the different effects and flavors of each strain. Smoking methods also provide a ritualistic experience, whether it’s hanging out with friends and passing a joint around or taking bong hits while watching a movie. The process of rolling a joint or blunt can also be part of the experience and missed in other consumption methods.

In conclusion, smoking cannabis has been around for thousands of years and remains a popular way to consume it. Whether it’s rolling a joint or packing a bowl, smoking methods provide a unique experience and allow you to taste the flavor and effects of different strains. While other consumption methods like edibles, tinctures, and topicals have their benefits, smoking cannabis has a certain appeal that continues to draw in users.

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